10 Things Not To Do With Your Dog So He Does Not Hate You

“Does my dog know I love him”? The question seems to be very substantial and sensible so how might you know whether your dog can get your feelings about him.

There are a couple apparently great things most dog owners do that dogs don’t care for. In any case as dog owner, why not make their lives less demanding? Here are 10 good things you should not do that your dog hates.

1-Staring And Gazing

To a dog perspective, stares are often viewed as a challenge. Simply watch your dog when he spots a squirrel—her level of obsession isn’t well disposed intrigue. The ugly thing you must not do is stare too long at a dog. Despite the fact that you’ll presumably have no issue with your own dog with others it may be translated as a test. Rather, request that individuals investigate your dog’s eyes for just a few moments then sever. Also, never stare into the eyes of a dog who appears to be concerned, restless or forceful!