5 Signs Your Dog Is Your Firstborn Child

 5 Signs Your Dog Is Your Firstborn Child

Remember that beautiful moment when you brought home your first bundle of joy? The whole world seemed to change, become smaller, and begin to revolve around your sweet, innocent – dog.

Even if you are now the proud parent of a tiny human or two, you’ll never forget your very first pup. The one that first taught you the joy of loving another creature more than you love yourself.

Is your dog your firstborn child? Read on to find out how many of these 6 sentimental signs you identify with!

1. Your dog’s comfort is more important than your own.

After a long, hard day, you just want to crash, but you find your pooch sprawled adorably across your sheets. It’s these situations that separate the dog owners from the pawrents. While some simply command their dogs off the bed, pawrents contort their bodies into advanced yoga poses in order to preserve the comfort of their pups!