5 summer Foods You Should Never Give To Your Dog

Dogs seem to unconsciously know how to beg while you are eating. And a lot of time it can be very tempting to share what you are eating, mostly when those big eyes trail every move you make. Although you might think that dog’s like any other animals can eat almost anything and digest it.

However, there are some foods which are perfectly safe for humans to eat, but they can be poisonous for your dog to consume. This is the reason it’s necessary to know the various foods that you should never share with your dog to avoid shortened your dog’s lifespan or a trip to the emergency clinic.

The subsequent listed foods you need to categorically avoid sharing with your dogs:


First among the list is Chocolate, although your dog will absolutely love to eat it. Dogs love chocolate almost as human do, however, chocolate is toxic to dogs and you should never share chocolate with your dogs. In fact anything that contains cocoa is to be avoided. Chocolate can also cause increased urination as well as vomiting and diarrhea. It can increase your dog’s heartbeat, which may result to a heart attack or seizure.