7 amazing tips to stop dog from barking

Have you ever wondered how stop a dog from barking? Well, it is not a simple task, but with work and discipline you can achieve it, and in this article, we will review 7 things you can do that.

The first thing is knowing the reasons why your dog barks. Barking is the natural communication system of the dog and can do it for various reasons: stress, excessive loneliness, separation anxiety, not knowing how to socialize, enthusiasm, frustration, unconscious training, fears, territoriality, health problems, and by inheritance.

Once you know the reason, your actions to improve your dog’s barking situation will be more effective. Below we summarize in 7 points the most important.

1-Promote your dog to be calm and relaxed

Many people often scold the dog when it barks and may even hit it (or banged) in an attempt to end this behavior. This type of attitude will only worsen the behavior of the animal and will cause stress and a feeling of sadness.

Massages, caresses and tasty prizes are good incentives for it to understand what you expect from it, make sure that it can feel your love. Teach the dog constantly to react calmly to any situation, this is only achieved by working daily on its behavior. Now, if your dog has a moment of stress on time, you must understand that it can usually take up to 21 days to completely calm down.