8 Facts You Didn’t Know About Dogs

As a dog owner, you can be very familiar with your dog. You know their every mood, behavior, and recognize exactly what it means when they begin to bark through the front door. It is agreed that human and dog’s relationship is based on mutual understanding, love, and loyalty, and I believed, you and your dog’s shared all the three.
Although you may think that you know everything about your dog, but there are a lot of things you may not know. However, here are 8 incredibly, interesting facts about dogs you may not know, that can help you get a better personal understanding of your dog.

1-Dog smell better than human:

Study shows that your dog’s can smell thousands of times better than human. In addition, dog’s noses have millions of odor receptors more than the human nose. For example, a human nose has 5 million in averages while a dachshund has 125 million that make them very useful in inhaling drugs, corpses, bed bugs, explosives, etc.