Jeffery Dean Morgan Memorializes The Pup He Saved With A Heartfelt Tattoo

Jeffery Dean Morgan Memorializes The Pup He Saved With A Heartfelt Tattoo

You may be familiar with Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the actor, but have you met Jeffrey Dean Morgan, the animal lover?

Jeffrey Dean Morgan is a pretty recognizable guy, thanks to his work on shows like Supernatural and Grey’s Anatomy. He’s also been in films including Watchmen and Red Dawn, but Morgan is probably best known as Negan, the barbed-wire-bat-wielding bad guy on The Walking Dead. When he’s not working in front of a camera, he’s working on his farm where he cares for his dog Bandit, cows, chickens, and a baby donkey named Paxton. He also does a lot of work for charities, especially for animals and children.

Doc Rivers Electric Tattoo in Poughkeepsie, NY shared a photo of Morgan showing off his ink in October of 2015, but it’s the story behind the tattoo that is really remarkable.

In 2009 he appeared on the Bonnie Hunt Show with his rescue dog, and told the story of how she became a part of his family.

I was walking down the boardwalk in Venice Beach and some kids had probably like two litters of puppies in a cardboard box that were maybe a day to three days old. And she was at the very bottom of the box and she couldn’t open her eyes yet, and literally, she could fit in the palm of my hand. And they were like, ‘Give me 300 dollars,’ and I was like, ‘I got 20 bucks on me, give me the one that’s not gonna make it through the day.’”

Morgan took her straight to a vet, who told him that it didn’t look good for the pup – she was too small to be away from her mother and would need to be bottle fed. While feeding her, Morgan noticed that she would “kiss her way around” the bottle, and so he named her for the French word for “kiss” – Bisou.

Bisou came a long way from the tiny puppy found at the bottom of a box. During her life, she and Morgan raised money for The Brittany Project, a no-kill non-profit sanctuary for dogs in California. Bisou lived to be 18 years old, and passed in 2015. Later that year, Jeffery Dean Morgan added the ink to his arm.

It’s clear that Bisou holds a special place in Morgan’s heart. And now she holds a special place on his forearm, too.