Lost Dog Travels Over 60 Miles To Return Home To His Family

A dog left by his owner with friends as she relocated has started a journey to meet with his owner

The owner of the dog (called collie casey), Carole Fossettwhen relocating left collie casey with a friend in Spilsby, Lincolnshire. One day, casey left the home and the friend searched for him for weeks nearly losing hope on the search.

Fossett and her friend decided to do a facebook campaign to track him as a last resort and fortunately for them, they received 3 calls from people who had seen collie casey. “as we didn’t hear anything, I thought he was dead”. He has been shot or hit by a car,” Fossett told Telegraph. “all that was going through our minds was where he could be.

Credit: telegraph.co.uk

Two months after, Fossett received a call from Newark that her dog was seen hiding in the bushes in Nottinghamshire. His microchip was scanned and confirmed to him so Fossett made haste to meet with her dearest pet.

According to Fossett, she started crying. It was not something she could describe. A dog missing for about two months and the possibility of finding him was not there. She met her dog sitting at the corner when she and her friend walked in and he started wagging. When they entered the pen, he went ballistic. Collie casey howled, jumped around and cried as he saw them.

Credit: grimsbytelegraph.co.uk

Casey has reduced significant weight and now have matted fur, so Fossett had to take him to the groomers on the eve of Christmas and she still helping him gain some weight. There have been no growl, snarl or bite throughout the whole unpleasant experience. He had to be fed four times everyday due to his increased appetite for food. Fossett has began advising other owners of dogs to put microchip on their dogs to keep track of them and avoid losing them.

Credit: grimsbytelegraph.co.uk

It is a fascinating story that drives people to put a microchip on their dogs. according to Fossett, if your dog gets missing and there is no microchip to track it, then there is no chance of finding him.

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